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Octobre 2022

Actualité du CST3D-SHS

[jc3dshs] Les rencontres du CST3D-SHS

Les inscriptions et dépôts de contributions pour les rencontres du consortium 3D SHS sont toujours ouverts. L’inscription est obligatoire.


11 novembre- Le consortium 3D présentera ses challenges pour les journées de l’AFIG (Association Française d’Informatique Graphique)

Workshop SSHOM

15-16 novembre – Participation des membres du consortium 3D-SHS au workshop autour de SSHOM: un atelier autour du Marketplace Ouvert pour les SHS (Social Sciences and Humanities Open Marketplace)

Colloque MASA

2 décembre – Le logiciel ALTAG3D développé par le consortium 3D-SHS et dédié à la création d’archive à long terme de projets 3D, sera présenté au colloque MASA . Voir programme

Conservatoire National des Données 3D

Le conservatoire compte à ce jour plus de 418 modèles 3D visualisables et documentés .

Les modèles numérisés d’ ossements d’homosapiens de l‘ANR GRAVETT’OS sont disponibles en téléchargement. Consulter le dépôt.

Appel à participation

Time Machine

deadline: 30 novembre – “Workshop on research and education in urban history in the age of digital libraries – The organisers invite original contributions for presentation at the workshop in March 2023. The extended abstracts will be peer-reviewed and selected submissions will get the chance to publish a full article in the Springer CCIS series…”

Workshops/ conférences 

Workshop Web3D technologies for the Notre-Dame de Paris

1 novembre – “The Notre-Dame scientific action currently involves 175 researchers from disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, architecture, history, chemistry, physics and computer science……”

Offre d’emploi

Ingénieur/ingénieure logiciel développement web

Dans le cadre du projet ERC n-DAME,  on recherche un ingénieur/ingénieure logiciel développement web afin de travailler sur la plateforme Archeogrid permettant d’exploiter les données de la recherche collecter ou produite dans le cadre du projet du chantier scientifique de Notre-Dame.

Pour postuler :

Deadline : 10 novembre 2022

web3d 2022

2-4 novembre – “The 27th International Conference on 3D Web Technology Will address an extensive range of research, development, and practices related to several 3D application domains ..”


The French National 3D Data Repository for Humanities: Features, Feedback and Open Questions

“We introduce the French National 3D Data Repository for Humanities, designed for the conservation and the publication of 3D research data in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. We present the choices made for the data organization, metadata, standards and infrastructure towards a FAIR service……”

Combining visibility analysis and deep learning for refinement of semantic 3d building models by conflict classification

“Semantic 3D building models are widely available and used in numerous applications. Such 3D building models display rich semantics but no façade openings, chiefly owing to their aerial acquisition techniques. Hence, refining models’ façades using dense, street-level, terrestrial point clouds seems a promising strategy. In this paper, we propose a method of combining visibility analysis and neural networks for enriching 3D models with window and door features……”

Structure-from-Motion 3D Reconstruction of the Historical Overpass Ponte della Cerra: A Comparison between MicMac® Open Source Software and Metashape

“In recent years, the performance of free-and-open-source software (FOSS) for image processing has significantly increased. This trend, as well as technological advancements in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry, have opened blue skies for both researchers and surveyors. In this study, we aimed to assess the quality of the sparse point cloud obtained with a consumer UAV and a FOSS.…”


A European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage

“This session looks at the many challenges and opportunities faced by European museums and other cultural heritage institutions in connection to the digital transition…”

EUROPEANA 2022- 3D content in Europeana

“The advent of 3D technology is bringing new opportunities for the cultural heritage sector, offering innovative ways to provide access to heritage for education, tourism, research and enjoyment. The European Commission has recommended that Member States accelerate 3D digitisation of cultural heritage monuments, buildings and objects – with the aim of contributing to the Digital Decade fostering infrastructure, digital skills and re-use of the content..…”

Applying Digital Documentation for Sustainable Heritage Preservation and Management

“Digital documentation is widely recognized as a tool for risk management of cultural heritage exposed to disasters caused by natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods and fires as well as environmental fluctuations and war damage. . ..”

CARARE – 3D technologies in the new European Common Data space

“3D technologies in the new European Common Data space – this is a recording of a conversation session CARARE’s 2022 annual conference which involved three speakers. Roberto Di Giulio of the University of Ferrara speaking about the INCEPTION and 4CH. Sander Münster of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena speaking about the Time Machine Organisation and 3D digitisation. Karina Rodriguez Echavarria of the University of Brighton speaking about a UK initiative to establish a repository for 3D and complex media types for the arts and humanities.…”

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