eheritage-projectCultural heritage has always been an effervescent subject among historians, sociologists, naturalists, scientists and researchers alike. The physical and intangible legacy of previous generations is passed via this channel to future members of the society. It is a deliberate act, as conserving the results of past work, culture and even biodiversity is in the very nature of the human beings.

There are several ways to ensure the success of conserving the national culture. The responsibility of our generation is to follow the most efficient ones, and to support the activities which lead to the preservation of historic places (buildings, monuments), artifacts (books, paintings, sculptures and other artworks), traditions and folklore, language and landscapes.

With the recent advancements in the field of virtual reality, intelligent systems and based on the emergence of the information society, we can now ascend to modern cultural heritage preservation techniques. Using augmented and virtual reality, 3D immersive graphics and real-time haptic equipment, people can now restore, reproduce and experience the sight of historical sites in new more interactive ways. Intelligent systems allow different customization, ease complex problems (such as the reassembling of frescos, the reconstruction of lost monuments or the interaction with the general public).

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Date de début: 01-11-2015    Date de fin: 31-10-2018